Awareness Angels Network

Awareness Angels Network

Welcome to Project Jason’s Awareness Angels Network (AAN), and thank you for caring about the missing. With your membership, you’ll receive notifications via email about new missing person cases, updates on current cases, and recovered persons.

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The added exposure from Project Jason's poster program is extremely important. It provides visabilty of a missing loved one in new areas while helping to keep that missing person in the public eye. It also helps to show people do care.

Robert Cooke,
father of missing Rachel Cooke

Each time I see a poster for Jennifer and Adrianna it warms my heart with gratitude and gives my spirit a renewed feeling of hope. It is very important to me that people continue to say my children's name out loud, I believe that when someone sees a poster, they not only are being much needed eyes and ears but they also say their names..........that's a comfort to me.

Kathy Holloway,
Mom and Mimi of missing Jennifer and Adrianna Wix T

My heart goes out to all those who have helped us : complete strangers helping us post pictures on the internet and flyers of Jeff to get his story out in hopes of one day finding him.

Wanda Schmitt,
sister of missing Jeffrey Nichols

The day I found out my dad was missing my world was torn apart; my heart broken. I am so grateful each time a poster is placed because it gives me hope that we will find the answers and my dad will be brought home. Thank you for taking the time to care.

Daughter of Missing George “Skip” Zelaya.

Parents of missing children always keep some hope that their child is still alive somehow. Posters is one way for some one somewhere to see that person and end this long nightmare. Thank you for not forgetting Bri.
Bruce and Kellie Maitland,
parents of missing Brianna Maitland

Our family can’t help but to encourage others to help find him with a poster as it brings light and presents to his case to be active and ongoing
Family of missing Robert Spellman

May God bless you and your family for taking a minute to look at this poster. He is my Papa, whom I miss very, very much, please help me find him.
granddaughter of missing Floyd Price

Thank you for placing posters of my missing mother, knowing that she is not forgotten gives me HOPE that she will one day be found and brought home.
Dawn Vowell,
Daughter of Missing Sandra Kay (Ballard) Travis

Every poster placed is another chance for us to find our missing girl. We appreciate so much all the help others have given us; our hope remains strong with their support.
Carol Young,
grandmother of Bianca Piper, missing since 03-10-05

Please help find missing children/persons by posting flyers--that one single poster could be that one that brings them home.
Thanks for helping,

Kathy Carrasco,
Mother of Monica Carrasco, missing since 10/02/2003

These posters we place are our hope...that someone, somewhere, can help us to find our children and bring them home. These posters are our connection to the rest of the world, as we!
Jamie Cross,
Mother of Lynnea Cross ,missing since 4/21/2007

Every poster placed up for my mom is one more way to reach people that I couldn't have reached myself. It only takes one person and one poster to possibly find my mom.
Janelle Brant,
daughter of missing Shelva Rafte

Our poster campaign has been instrumental in bringing in tips for my husband Jerry even now 3 years later. I know it only takes one person to see his poster and tell us where he is. Knowing they are out there helps me maintain that hope.
Joyce Tang,
wife of missing person Jerry Tang

Missing person posters are a necessity. They inform people who don't know about the situation and remind those that do that we need to keep searching. We need the public's help in that.
Stephanie McNeil,
sister of missing John Spira

The totality of my life has only one purpose, to find my missing daughter and bring her home safe. Every other aspect of my life has come to a halt. Thank you very much for placing posters of my child.
Reza Jou,
father of missing Donna Jou

My heart is lifted and hope shines every time someone displays a poster of my son. I believe it is through the love and kindness of the public that my son will eventually be found; but without their concern and active participation, I fear this agonizing mystery will continue to go unresolved. Please, please help me find my son.
Vicki Barnard,
Mother of Missing Ahren Barnard

My cause is to find my son, Joshua Bryan Smith and I am not big enough for the job. So thank you for helping me shoulder this burden, this cause if you will, to find Joshua and help him come home if he is able. For being eyes that look and hearts that care that will help me sustain my dream of seeing Joshua again one day. Thank you with everything that is within me. Thank you, and may God bless your efforts for us all.
Vicki Smith,
mother of missing Joshua Smith

Each poster placed carries the hopes of our family, that someone, somewhere, knows something, and will step forward to shine light on the darkness of loss. So, from my heart I thank you for each poster hung, and for each prayer quietly spoken.
Christy Davis,
mother of missing Michael "Austin" Davis

I want to thank each and every one of you who hangs a poster for my son, Brian. This is the only way that I may hopefully find him and bring him home so that I may have some peace in my life someday. Someone knows what happened, and only with your help can I keep my son alive in the public’s eyes.
Brian Shaffer's Dad

Time Marches on, yet it stands so still. Your smallest remembrance or recognition could help bring our loved one home. Thanks to all those who care.

Donajean Kapp,
Sister of Dori A. Myers, Abducted 01-11-06

We need our loved ones faces out there as far as they can go. We know someone, somewhere, saw something! With all of my heart, THANK YOU for helping us!
Beth Profeta,
Daughter of Mary Badaracco, missing 24 years, CT

Someone, somewhere, knows the key to this mystery. How can a 30 year-old man with almost everything going for him and no history of mental disorders or of substance abuse, can disappear without a trace leaving behind a new car, new furniture, new pets, a decent bank account and a clean credit history? Please be aware of not only Trevor’s case, but of all these posters and the heartbreak they represent. The public’s eyes and ears are the greatest asset for the families.
The parents, family, and friends of TREVOR MORSE

We have no clue where our son is at this moment. Posters put his face out in the public eye in places we aren't even aware of. We owe a debt of thanks to those who make this possible.
Don and Donna Ross,
parents of missing Jesse Ross

I am so grateful for every single poster placed for my missing daughter. I know someone has seen her, and maybe they will be prompted to come forward!

Michele Finger,
mother of Angela Marie Finger


Once you are subscribed, the email notifications you receive include a link to a printable poster for a specific missing person, plus a link to Project Jason’s forum, where you can keep up on the latest case news and information.

We encourage you to:

  • Print copies of this poster and display them near your home, at your workplace and in public places.
  • Give copies of this poster to friends and associates who can place posters near their homes and workplaces.
  • Give copies to friends or associates who travel so they can place the posters in more wide-reaching areas

When the missing person is located, we will notify you. At that time, you will be asked to remove any indoor, outdoor and Internet postings of this person.

Notifications will be sent to you upon the following events:

New Case: Project Jason receives a new case submission from the family of a missing person and completes the verification process. New cases are persons who may have been missing for any period of time and the family is registering with us for the first time.

Updated Case: This notification will be sent out upon any substantial change of information on the original Project Jason poster. This could include the addition of an age progression photo, or new information received that could aid in location of that missing person.

Law Enforcement Request: This notification will be sent out upon the request of law enforcement who may seek a targeted distribution area. There may be evidence that the missing person may be in a region other than the one he/she disappeared from, and poster dissemination is needed in this area. Project Jason officials may also, at their discretion, and based upon reliable sources, request distribution in another area.

Annual Missing Date Notice: On or before the annual missing date of persons registered with Project Jason, an AAN notification will be sent out to remind the members that the person is still missing and to request poster placement.

Location Notice: A person whose case was previously sent out on the AAN has been located alive. Any additional information that can be made public will be found on the link included in the notification.

Deceased Location Notice: A person whose case was previously sent out on the AAN has been found deceased. Any additional information that can be made public will be found on the link included in the notification.

You may subscribe to as many areas of the US as you wish. We encourage multiple region subscriptions since we’re a very mobile society. It doesn’t take long for a person to travel great distances. In some cases, a missing person may not necessarily be in the same area or location where he/she was last seen.

Once you subscribe to a region, you will be offered a special widget which you may add to your website, blog, MySpace, Facebook, etc. The widget is our thank you for being an Awareness Angels Network member. It will also serve to encourage others to become members, as the widget links right to our site. The more helping eyes, ears, and hands we have, the greater the odds of success.

If at any time, you wish to unsubscribe, simply click on the link you find at the bottom of any AAN email notification or visit the registration page and select the unsubscribe radio button. If you are subscribed to multiple regions, you will need to follow those steps for each email from your subscribed regions. You can also return to this page and manage your subscriptions.

To begin your participation in the Awareness Angels Network, visit our registration page.

Note: in order to display the Project Jason Awareness Angels Network posters, you will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer.

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Do be aware that the Project Jason AAN posters, the AAN logo or widget are not to be altered in any way, used for fundraising purposes, or to create an impression of endorsement, sponsorship by, affiliation, or partnership with Project Jason. AAN members are persons who care about the missing and are willing to take action which could result in the location of a missing person.

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Remember, all missing persons are loved by someone, and their families deserve to find the answers they seek in regards to the disappearance.