Project Jason in Second Life

Project Jason is honored to be one of 44 nonprofit organizations and the first missing persons’ assistance organization to be selected as part of a new area of Nonprofit Commons, a section within the virtual world, Second Life. Among the other nonprofits represented there are Sustainable Harvest International, Kiva, Giving Circles Network, Grants Managers Network, the SPCA Maryland, America’s Second Harvest, Digital Campfires Foundation, and Preferred Family Healthcare.

The Project Jason office in Second Life has three purposes. One is to disseminate general information about the epidemic of missing persons – how many are missing and how difficult a situation it is for the families of missing persons. Another is to deliver presentations and other educational events and materials to participants within Second Life. Finally, Project Jason also developed a special theme for the office called “Every Face Tells a Story” and the site exhibits special posters of missing persons. These posters contain articles written exclusively for Project Jason in Second Life, and they are contributed by the families of each missing person featured.

Second Life is a 3D virtual world that offers powerful communications tools. Second Life is used extensively by global corporations such as IBM, Cisco, Sun Microsystems, and even NASA, for employee meetings (that save gas or airfare by meeting on the internet instead of at one office), for corporate communications, for marketing, and for research and development. There are over one million registered members.

Joining Second Life is free. To do so, go to and download the program. You will need to register your account and choose an inworld “name,” which is a nickname you will use when you are logged in to Second Life.

The address for Project Jason in Second Life is 20Nonprofit Commons/241/24/26 (This link will only work if you have already registered with Second Life and downloaded the Second Life software.)

This video is an introduction to our office in Second Life, a virtual reality world. It also showcases our theme, Every Face Tells a Story, and the exclusive stories written by the families of the missing.


Project Jason President and Founder Kelly Jolkowski (KellyJ Shepherd in Second Life) gives a presentation about Project Jason to members of the Nonprofit Commons.

For Families of the Missing

Second Life will allow us to reach a new audience with our cause, one which may not neccearily read newspapers or watch television news. It is a new means to bring your missing loved one’s story to life in front of thousands of people, all at no cost to you.

Second Life is one of the most popular virtual reality worlds available. They have over one million registered members. At any given time, 40,000+ people will be signed into Second Life, visiting places of interest, meeting friends, attending business meetings, etc.

Project Jason is the first assistance organization for families of missing persons to have a property in Second Life. In our virtual office, we will showcase our benefits and services AND your missing loved one, if you choose to participate. If you join Second Life, we also offer you a private place to meet other family members of missing persons. Online support meetings will be held in the future.

All of the wall hangings you see in the screenshots are clickable when in Second Life and will take the reader to a link on our site or forum, where they can read additional information about that benefit. Posters of missing persons will link to that person’s thread on our forum where they can read all the news stories and find the links to individual family member sites, if applicable.

Our theme is “Every Face Tells a Story….”. Our goal is to intrigue this new audience with a brief story about your missing loved one in such a way that they will be compelled to read more, and perhaps even actively help with spreading the word, poster placement, etc. We feel that the public is more interested in your story, as a family member, than in a list of physical attributes as we see on typical missing persons posters. As we always say, this is a person missing, not a case number, or a height and weight. (Please note that is not the intention for persons to download and print these posters. These are merely for display. There are links to proper printable posters in your missing loved one’s thread in our forum, to which the reader will be guided.)

If you are a family member of a missing person, and would like your missing loved one’s poster to be on display in Project Jason’s Second Life office, please visit our forum at for detailed instructions about the information needed for the poster.

This is just another way we strive to obtain awareness for your missing loved one.

Denise Harrison, Project Jason Second Life Consultant, (Ronnie Rhode in Second Life) and Kelly Jolkowski (KellyJ Shepherd in Second Life) and take a look at the poster display in the Project Jason Second Life office.

New in 2009

Project Jason and The Garden for the Missing began a new initiative designed to gain more exposure for your missing loved ones. The Garden for the Missing purchased an advertisement spot within the popular 3D virtual world, Second Life.

The ad displays a missing person poster at one of the most popular destinations within Second Life. Posters used in the ad are selected randomly from the pool of posters in Project Jason’s Awareness Angels Network, a custom-poster dissemination program that allows the public to participate by posting and emailing the updated information. The ad is changed at least twice a month to bring awareness to different missing persons.

The area in Second Life where our poster is placed receives up to 45,000 visitors per day. The poster appears in different places at different times, and is shown for ten minutes on each of 144 boards.

The program is already proving to be effective: of the 50 advertisers, the popularity of the poster falls about halfway down the “most viewed” l ist. This is significant because many of the advertisers have purchased two, three or more ad rotation spots and we have just one. When viewed, the visitor receives a document describing Awareness Angels Network, Project Jason, and The Garden for the Missing, and it gives the visitor a graphic copy of the AAN poster.

If you have any questions, you can email our Second Life Consultant Denise Harrison –

For additional information about Project Jason in Second Life, sample posters, and a virtual tour of the office visit the Project Jason forum at