Voices for the Missing Audio Interviews

We are the Voice for the Missing; speaking for those who are not among us but who are forever in our hearts. Through the eyes of those who experience this tragedy; the families of the missing, and through our own personal experiences, we’ll share the pain, the fears, and the daily struggles.

Note: This program is temporarily suspended until we find a volunteer to record and edit new programs.

Ashley Martinez: Ashley’s mother, Tammy, shares with us an intimate portrait of her missing daughter and the frustrations of the past several years.

Ashley Martinez Part 1 (20.1 MiB)

Ashley Martinez Part 2 (20.0 MiB)

Ashley Martinez Part 3 (17.6 MiB)

Gina Bos: Gina’s sister, Jannel Rap, didn’t let her life slow to a crawl when Gina disappeared. Instead, she used her music to help bring awareness to missing persons nationwide.

Jannel Rap Part 1 (22.6 MiB)

Jannel Rap Part 2 (22.7 MiB)

Jannel Rap Part 3 (16.3 MiB)

Jessica Foster: Glendene Grant, Jessica’s mother, won’t be stopped in the quest to find her missing daughter, despite the frightening theory about her disappearance.

Jessica Foster Part 1 (26.7 MiB)

Jessica Foster Part 2 (26.0 MiB)

John Spira: John’s sister, Stephanie, discusses her brother’s case and how shocked she was to learn the truth about our cause. (Our apologies to the family that part I of this interview was lost by a third party.)

John Spira Part 2 (19.5 MiB)

John Spira Part 3 (8.7 MiB)

Maura Murray: This audio file is a dramatized version of the story originally written by Kelly Murphy for Maura’s family. It’s a favorite of many.

Maura Murray All American Girl (13.7 MiB)

Mike Hogan:  The ups and downs of dealing with having a missing adult son with mental illness are explained by the parents of Mike Hogan.  (Mike was found deceased.)

Mike Hogan Part 1 (26.4 MiB)

Mike Hogan Part 2 (28.6 MiB)