How You Can Help

Please help us to help those who have no voice, but are forever in our hearts.

“Missing” is a word that when associated with a person strikes fear in our hearts. When you hear about a missing person, you may hold your own children near, glad that it’s not happening to you and your family.

Family is what Project Jason is all about. We want continue to assist families of the missing and provide them with the hope and resources that they need. In order to do this, we need your help.

Project Jason receives no government grants or funds and does not charge for services. We rely entirely upon corporate donations and gifts from individuals like you. All donations are tax deductible. Please be generous!

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What does Project Jason do with your donation?

Project Jason is an all-volunteer nonprofit organization and does not utilize paid fundraisers or other employees. There is no overhead as the volunteers work out of their homes. Every effort is made to stretch each dollar to the fullest.

Ongoing costs include monthly telephone and long distance, web site space and domain names, PO box, paper, ink, postage, and related office supplies, poster, ID kits, and brochure printing costs, and fees to keep IRS documentation current.

Families of the missing are never charged for any of our services. Previous funding has also allowed us to ensure that staff who work directly with the families of the missing have had the proper training to provide appropriate support and services to those whom we serve.

Future funding will enable us to continue to add new awareness programs to aid in the location of missing persons. It will ensure we are able to obtain the tools and technology necessary to begin and maintain these programs.

Funding, both private and corporate, is needed to be able to decrease costs for the Keys to Healing family member retreat, held annually. We want to ensure that we offer the highest quality experience of aiding the minds, bodies, and spirits of the family members we serve.

A Call for Corporate and Private Sponsors

Project Jason is planning the seventh annual retreat for families of missing persons. The Keys to Healing weekend retreat, planned for fall of 2015, is designed to help heal the bodies, minds, and spirits of those families affected by a missing family member. Other conferences deal effectively with disseminating information about the legal and social implications of missing persons and what actions to take.

This retreat is, instead, is designed specifically to help the families understand the effects of shock on the body and the emotional issues attached. The weekend retreat will teach attendees how the body reacts to trauma, provides classes about coping mechanisms, and therapy for the body as well.

Since dealing with a missing person can often deplete financial resources, our desire is that this retreat will be completely free to families who want to attend. We need to obtain sponsorship by this winter so that families planning to attend can make this determination based upon our end costs and your level of support.

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