Jason’s Tree Campaign

A Fundraiser for Project Jason

Jason Jolkowski

We planted a tree today. A seed was pushed deep into the earth, plunging it into a dark and sometimes cold environment.

-When Jason disappeared 11 years ago, we were forced into a place of darkness, not knowing what became of him or if we would ever see the light of a normal day again.

Despite the odds against it, the seed we planted began to evolve.  Roots pushed their way deeper into the soil, battling against other occupants of the world underneath, but yet, the ground above remained unbroken.

-Jason was still counted among the missing. No matter what we tried or did, there was not a trace of him. Despair seemed as if it could choke our very existence and abandon us, but there was something taking root within, something we could not begin to imagine.

One Spring day, the sun came from behind the clouds and its rays settled upon a tiny brown stem. The stem took strength from the sun and grew thicker and taller.
-We weren’t certain that life without Jason would stop being like a dark and unending dream, a surreal state we wanted to waken from. Family, friends, and the community gathered around us and sustained us and it did.

Seasons passed, and at times strong winds and violent storms threatened the growing tree. Against all odds, it flourished and began to provide sustenance to anyone who happened upon it.

-It seemed incredible to us that no answers would come. Who could think such a nightmare would continue on? Frightening events and predators at times shook us to the core. Was this badly beaten body his? Why would someone be so cruel as to say they knew where he was, when they knew nothing at all?

Despite it all,  we were able to honor Jason with the creation of his namesake nonprofit, and help other persons dealing with the same trauma and tragedy. Just as we found sustenance through knowledge gained, supporters, family and friends, so too can families of the missing through Project Jason.

Now, just as the tree we planted needs sunlight and water in order to grow and provide even greater benefit to its surroundings, Project Jason needs your help to branch out and reach more families who are left in darkness and despair trying to find their way through this unique trauma.

About the Campaign

Jason’s Tree Campaign begins on June 13th, 2012, the 11 year mark of Jason’s disappearance.  The purpose of the campaign is to strengthen Project Jason’s general fund so that we can continue providing services to these families in need.

We ask that you consider any donation, large or small. Every contribution will help grow the organization, sheltering and sustaining many under its protective canopy, just as sunlight and rain sustain the tree, so that as it grows, the branches and leaves provide shelter and replenish the earth.

Project Jason’s goal in the Jason’s Tree Campaign is $9, 000 to commemorate the 9th anniversary of the nonprofit. The campaign ends on the founding day, October 6. Suggested donation amounts include $11, which represents the number of years Jason has been missing, $31, which is the age Jason is on his birthday on June 24, 2012, and $90 as a tribute to Project Jason volunteers for nine years of dedication to assisting families of the missing. All contributions are appreciated.

About Jason’s Tree

For supporters in the Omaha area, the real Jason’s tree can be seen at Robert’s Park, 2 blocks north of Cass on 78th Street, right along the Keystone Trail.  (Mile marker 1/4 North of Dodge for trail users) It was planted on June 13, 2012 in honor of Jason as the first honoree tree planted by the Omaha Parks Foundation. The Jolkowski family selected a tree dedication along the trail in honor of Jason because of his love of walking,  its contribution to a better environment, and in giving back to the community .

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