Why Choose Project Jason

Here is why families of the missing say they turn to Project Jason for assistance:

  1. Personal evaluation to determine which services will best suit your missing loved one’s case.
  2. More than 100 hours of professional training in missing persons to provide you with the best services that we can.
  3. The opportunity for you to participate in a variety of awareness programs – Project Jason offers several awareness programs, most of them unavailable anywhere else.
  4. Sympathetic case managers – all Project Jason case managers have or had missing loved ones.
  5. DNA and procedural expertise to advise you best on what needs to occur with your case to ensure everything possible is done to find your missing loved one.
  6. Family member-only private forums where you can find numerous documents to aid you in the search for your missing loved one.
  7. You benefit from the only free online professional counseling service to help you cope with the psychological impact of having a missing loved one.
  8. You can come to the only retreat for families of the missing, regardless of the age of the missing person. This weekend retreat goes a long way toward helping heal the minds, bodies and spirits of those experiencing this unique, ambiguous loss.